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3:36the magic formula for vegetable pancakes | el comidistael comidista en el paísyoutube – 3 jun 2021

We love ham croquettes, but every once in a while you have to change it up. This is a route through Madrid’s quirky croquettes that rival the classics, using tripe, crayfish or parmesan crust.
Why should we keep eggs in the fridge if they are out in the stores? What does the color of their yolk tell us? Are the ones from «happy hens» better? The author of Gominolas de Petróleo answers these doubts.
Industrial chocolate ice creams are often advertised with all kinds of erotic insinuations. Are there any that really excite our palate? An expert blind tastes nine brands and chooses the best.
Imagine tender pieces of sirloin steak, covered with a layer of crispy batter that tastes like a churro and topped with the most lusty and explosive sweet and sour sauce. That’s pretty much «hip hop pork» from Chi Nanit.
Huesca is a leading pastry powerhouse: few provinces preserve so many good historic pastry shops. Its specialties range from the Russian to the braid through the Biarritz cake or the Jaques.

El comidista cinnamon rolls

I think El Comidista is successful first because it is quite rigorous: the recipes are always tested, just like the products or restaurants we recommend. Second, because we try to be honest: we only speak well of what we think is really good. Third, because we are furiously anti-elitist: we are more interested in affordablebezahlbar, erschwinglichasequible food than in expensive food or restaurants. Fourth, because we use a sense of humor to communicate our love of food, and we try not to put on airs and graces.
El Comidista: It is not in the RAE, but the Fundeu recommended it as an alternative to «foodie». I guess it means «foodie», but I made it up to title the blog because it reminded me of «journalist» and «fashionista». To be honest, it wasn’t a super original idea either: at that time there was already a website in the United States called «Foodista».
El Comidista: There is not much difference. Maybe in a book you have to take more care in the editing of the text -unlike in digital, you can’t correct it once it’s printed- and also in the quality of the photography. The book has a charm that the web will never have; the web has the advantage that you can make video recipes (very important in El Comidista since we started making them in 2015) and encourage the participation of readers.

The potage eater

They say that when you work at what you like, you never work. Well, it’s not like that. We know this because we’ve been fans of El Comidista since long before our collaboration began, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve been playing our hearts out all day long.
Now we could recline the back of the chair, put our feet up on the table, pull the suspenders forward and brag that it was a piece of cake. But the thing required considerable script work, a good dose of graphics, a marathon planning and production job and many hours of editing.

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Digital journalism has been facing different transformations since its origin. Changes in consumption, technology or the socio-economic situation itself have carved indelible properties in the sector: ductility, adaptability and a capacity for unstoppable evolution, according to what the sign of the times dictates.
In any case, these pieces will always go hand in hand with El País, trying to ensure that our stamp is reflected in the final production. In fact, if there is one, the post-production will be our responsibility. Then, occasionally, we make some acquisitions, but these can be counted on the fingers of one hand. We are talking about videos that we have not been able to shoot ourselves and that have not come through the agencies. However, we are not so interested in publishing what others publish. We want to offer readers content that they can only see in El País. There is a demand for completely exclusive content.
We could differentiate three categories: agency videos, self-produced videos and external content that can be sponsored or branded, such as those we have made in connection with LaLiga or BBVA.